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So here I am again, sat in my shitty house with a shitty family and no friends crying. Wanting to talk to someone but knowing no one will listen. I could tell the world I want to kill myself and I know no fucker would pay attention, which is why I know it’s safe to post here. No one knows me and no one cares and I don’t care that the people on here don’t care. It’s fine.
I just wish that those who were supposed to like family and friends actually would bother maybe saying hi to me once in a while. I work constantly and in my free time I want to see those I care about but it seems that time is only filled up with more bullshit anxiety and stress. I need someone to just care. But that’s like asking for god to prove his existance. Never going to happen unless a mirical is formed. Idk. Just. Done.


My bosses daughter wanted hair like mine for her schools Crazy Hair day, so I took on that 14” challenge and put it up for her n walked her to school . Needless to say she’s very popular in that bodunk town now :p
P.S-I’m not a Guy, I’m an 18 year old chick, my name is Sommer,  and the kid in the background isn’t a boy either, it’s the little girls older sister, Lol

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