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There is so much that can annoy me about humans, however the one thing that especially annoys me about certain humans is how you can do everything for them, but it’s never enough.

There was / is this one girl I would absolutely do anything in the known universe for in my power, but it will never be enough for her. I will never be enough for her neither will I ever be with her, but that’s not the thing that hurts the most. What hurts more is that she will never realised how much I have done or will do.
She will never remember the nights we spent up talking about things, the times I have been the one to literally hold her up with all my strength as she falls to the floor in emotional agony.
The times I kissed away her tears and stopped her from doing anything stupid.
The times I saved her life.
Why won’t she ever remember? Because she’s met someone new. Someone who can give her more than I can because I’m never going to be in an emotional state which she can handle. She doesn’t want to handle me. She just cares about them. And I will never be first in her books.
Nor in anyone else’s.
I will always be the one to give my heart fully to those I rarely fall in love with, but I will always be the one who gets it back in a worse condition than before.
Because people will never be fully satisfied with me.
And that’s okay, I guess.
But I suppose it should also be okay if one day I just give up on everyone because I won’t have a heart left to fall in love and to give to another.

I just hope I find someone before it’s too late.

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